Tap Jam at City Arts, Saturday 30 April

A child-friendly, all-ages dance participation event with live music, in Nottingham City Centre on Saturday evening, free for under-14s. Dance, or watch and listen.

A tap dancer on stage looks over at a drummer while dancing. The drummer while drumming looks back.

A Tap Jam is a place for tap dancers to improvise with musicians and other tap dancers. Everyone is welcome whether to take part or simply watch and enjoy.

This isn’t a home ed event as such. It’s child-friendly, informal and not super expensive. Some home edders have been going to other similar events run by Jess, and will probably be going to this too.

  • Both adults and children can take part in the dancing if they want to – or just enjoy listening to live jazz and watching the dancers!
  • The short improvisation session at the beginning is suitable for complete beginners.
  • It’s free to borrow tap shoes.
  • Under-14s go free. Adults £5 before 8pm, or free for the last hour.
  • You don’t have to book, just turn up.

There will be a group improvisation workshop before the main jam starts for you to try improvising in a low key environment and learn some easy approaches to get you started.

Venue is City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, NG1 1FH.

It’s on the east of Nottingham city centre, just round the corner from the north end of the skating rink building, about a third of a mile from the old market square.

It has flat access and a wheelchair-accessible toilet.

There’s a sort of café kitchen area where snacks and drinks are usually available for donations.

Map showing City Arts, Nottingham.

Flyer for Tap Rhythm event, Saturday 30 April 2016

Flyer text:

Tap Rhythm Jam: Nottingham
hosted by Jess Murray
Saturday 30th April City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, NG1 1FH

Freestyle tap dance with live music!

Take part or simply watch and enjoy. For complete beginners to professional performers. Use our tap shoes for free!

£5 on the door or free after 8pm. Free entry for under 14yrs.

6.30pm – 7.00pm Tap improvisation workshop

7.00pm – 9.00pm Tap Jam


Link to Tap Project web page for this event, inc some video of Jess dancing.