Swimming lessons, Kimberley, Monday mornings

These classes are specifically for home ed children.

Date: Monday mornings starting 5 June 2017, all year round except for Bank Holidays and 2 weeks at Christmas.

Time: each class is half an hour, which includes admin time.

Beginners 9.30 – 10.00
Beginners 10.00 – 10.30
Intermediates 10.30 – 11.00

Venue: Kimberley Leisure Centre, Kimberley, Nottingham, NG16 2NJ. It’s next to Kimberley School.

Area: Kimberley is a few miles north-west of Nottingham City, on the Rainbow One bus route.

Age range: 5+.

Price: Direct Debit £18.75 a month, or block payment £57.50 for 10 sessions.

Trial lesson is free.

If you pay by direct debit, then the price also includes free swimming in any of the public sessions. (You also get free swimming in public sessions if you’re under 8 with a leisure card.)

Booking: Pay in advance. Either visit the leisure centre, or ring 0115 917 3366.

Organiser: Lauren Tavener at Liberty Leisure. Email: lauren dot tavener at liberty-leisure dot org dot uk.

Liberty Leisure swimming lessons page

Three grinning young children cling to a red board or red edge of a swimming pool, wearing swimming costumes. The background is water splashing up in the pool.

For the beginners, a fully qualified teacher will be in the water to help aid and assist. There will also be a fully qualified teacher on the poolside, instructing the lesson.

Access info:

Accessible building, accessible changing rooms, and a hoist to help wheelchair users into the pool. The lessons are smaller than mainstream lessons, which would be suitable for children with autism or learning disabilities.

Map showing Kimberley Leisure Centre:

(pointer is on the leisure centre building, despite the label which makes it look like part of the school)

Bigger version of map showing Kimberley Leisure Centre

Nearest bus stop: The bus is the Trent Barton Rainbow One along Kimberley Main Street. On foot from Main Street, the shortest route is to walk up Noel Street (almost opposite Sainsbury’s) and take the only left turn off Noel Street. Bus stops “Library” and “Nottingham Road” are on Main Street about equidistant from the turn-off up Noel Street.

Parking: there’s a car park right in front of the leisure centre. Arrive via Newdigate Street. To the right of the school frontage, follow small road to get to the car park and leisure centre. (On some maps, this small road is named as a continuation of Noel Street, but by car, it doesn’t join up with the other end of Noel Street, where it connects with Main Road.)

Swimming lessons, Bramcote, Thursdays & Fridays

Lessons with Liberty Swim School. These sessions were set up specifically for non-school children.

Date: Thursday & Friday mornings throughout the year, except Bank Holidays.

Time: Half hour sessions through the morning.

Venue: Bramcote Leisure Centre (Liberty Leisure), Derby Road, Bramcote, Nottingham, NG9 3GF.

Area: Bramcote, on the A52 near Bramcote Park. West side of Nottingham, about a third of the way over towards Derby. Reachable by Trent Barton bus.

Age range: 4+ for beginners / foundation level. Tends to be 5+ for ASA levels 1-3, 10+ for ASA levels 4-6.

Price: £18.75 per month. Payment is monthly direct debit. It goes all year round because the lessons do too. Besides the lessons, this payment includes free swimming for the child at any other public session.

Booking: Book by contacting Helen Kirk, helen dot kirk at liberty-leisure dot org dot uk or 0115 917 3585.

Helen says “I am looking to put on more lessons to accommodate demand, so they may need to be patient with me.”

Bramcote Leisure Centre

Three grinning young children cling to a red board or red edge of a swimming pool, wearing swimming costumes.  The background is water splashing up in the pool.

Additional info via one of the home ed parents:

Swimming lessons for home ed kids in the area. Initially suggested by a home ed mum, they took up the idea, and it seems to be going well.

They follow the ASA stages, and the ability levels are

  • Foundation: never been in a pool before
  • Stages 1-3: starting to learn to swim independently, from 1-2m unsupported, to 25m by the end of stage 3
  • Stages 4-6: swimming widths of the main pool, progressing to swimming lengths of the main pool.

Classes are limited to 6 students.

There is a large seating area by the main pool where parents can wait, or a reception area downstairs.

The viewing area is NOT open to the public during lessons, except during the summer holiday when there is a disabled swim session in the main pool.

Map showing Bramcote Leisure Centre:

Bigger version of map showing Bramcote Leisure Centre

Buses: Heading west (from Nottingham), nearest bus stop is “Bembridge Court“, by the Sherwin Arms, stop ID “ntsadamd”. This is about 500 yards from the leisure centre as the crow flies. Trent Barton 18, 20, 21 and i4 stop here.

(Nottingham City Transport buses don’t run to this area – nearest is the Pink Line 30.)

Cars: Lots of free parking available at the leisure centre.

Coming from Nottingham on the A52 Derby Road, you’ll want to pass the leisure centre on your right, go round the next roundabout and double back onto the A52, as it’s a dual carriageway at that point. Then you can turn off left for the leisure centre.

Heading east (into Nottingham), there’s a slightly nearer bus stop, “Leisure Centre“, stop ID “ntsadama”. The i4 stops there.

Access info:

The leisure centre has good access for wheelchairs: lifts, a hoist into the pool if needed.

The main pool area is large, and can be very echo-y. The smaller teaching pool is less so.

Instructors sometimes change at the last minute, which some children find hard to cope with.