Trampolining at Planet Bounce, City Centre, Friday 15 December

Date: Friday 15 December 2017.

Plus, if it goes well, potential for carrying on in the new year – perhaps every 3rd Friday in the month, or more or less often depending on demand.

Time: Arrive 12.30 for bounce 1pm to 3pm, allowing time for safety briefing and first-time formalities.

Age range: 4 to 65, set by Planet Bounce for this session time. It’s a public session, usually not very busy during term time.

(Possibility of setting up a separate under-4 home ed meetup to run at a different session time, in future, if there’s enough interest.)

Venue: Planet Bounce, 153-155 Huntingdon St, Nottingham, NG1 3NL.

Area: Nottingham city centre, round the back of the Victoria Centre. Huntingdon Street is the one which has the John E Wright stationery shop, and used to have Staples.

Price: £13.49 for 2 hours (approx £6.75 per hour), which is a discounted rate. Plus £2 for grippy socks if you don’t already have them.

Booking: One of the home ed parents has kindly volunteered to organise us into a group so as to get the discount. The minimum number to get the discount is 15, and you’ll need to book and pay in advance. To ensure this works OK, there will be a three-stage process:

  1. Put your name down to reserve a place. You can do this via the following email address: homeedbouncenotts at gmail dot com. (Or, if you happen to know the organiser, you could send a message by some other convenient route.)

  2. A week before the session, the organiser will count numbers, and make an announcement to say if there are enough people to get the discount this month.

  3. If yes, everyone who’s reserved a place pays their money to the organiser up front, via bank transfer or PayPal (or cash if you’re going to see each other).

    At this point, you will also need to give your child’s full name and date of birth, and – if you didn’t already – your own email address.

  4. If there aren’t enough people that month to get the discount, then of course people can still choose to turn up that day and meet, if they want to. But in that case, it would be pay individually on the day, no discount (so £10 for the first hour, £5 for the second), and not the responsibility of the group organiser.

Important note on bookings & refunds: If the rest of the group is relying on your money to get the discount (e.g. exactly 15 people had paid, and 2 drop out), unfortunately you won’t be able to get a refund if you have to drop out. However, if, say, 20 people had paid and then 2 had to drop out, your money would be usable at any future session, or refunded if the group’s not meeting any more.

Planet Bounce rules that you’ll need to know:

  • Before a child may bounce, the parent must complete a waiver to accept responsibility for the child’s behaviour, and for any injuries which weren’t the venue’s fault. One waiver lasts a year.

    Reading and signing the waiver form can be done either on a little computer screen at the venue, or online beforehand. If you’re doing it at the venue, allow an extra 15 to 20 minutes, in case there are queues to get onto the computers.

    All the parents will get an email near the day, confirming the booking and reminding them they might like to do the waiver in advance.

  • Every time you bounce, you have to get the safety briefing. About 15 minutes before the session starts, all trampoliners will be called in to hear this safety briefing. At the end of the briefing, you get your hand stamped to prove you were there.

    If you’re late, they’ll run another briefing for the latecomers – it just means you’d miss that little bit of the session.

  • Everyone who bounces has to wear grippy socks. You can buy the socks at reception, and they cost £2 a pair. Or you can bring your own, if they’re the right kind.

Planet Bounce Frequently Asked Questions

Planet Bounce – page where you can sign the “waiver” online

Map showing Planet Bounce:

Bigger map showing Planet Bounce

Nearest bus stop: Any that stop near the Victoria Centre. Nearly all the “colour lines” go there. Navy line doesn’t go very near, but you can get off a Navy and onto a Green line and do the “City Loop”. You can walk through the Victoria Centre and out via the doors to Glasshouse Street, then turn left up Glasshouse Street, walk up to the T junction which is Huntingdon Street, and you’ll see Planet Bounce across the road.

Nearest tram stop: “Royal Centre”.

Parking: Nearest car park is probably Huntington Street car park (NCP). There’s also parking at the Victoria Centre.

On access, we have the following info from Planet Bounce:

We do have a lift which gives you access to the front desk and café area. Unfortunately, there is no lift to the courts area.

We do have children come to us with autism and other disabilities so we have an understanding of working with parents and guardians to support visitors in any way we can.