Website housekeeping

Bit of practical news: “comments” on this site are being switched off for now, due to lack of available headspace for answering or checking them.

Events will still be posted.

Sorry if you commented recently and your comment was ignored!

If you’re wanting to tell us about an event, group or service, please see How to send details of an event or group.

If you wanted to enquire about an event described on the blog, please look in the listing for that specific event; usually there’s an email address which will reach the organiser.

If you’re thinking about home ed as a possibility for your child, a good starting point is the advice here, and then you probably want to get onto one of the local online groups. Veteran home ed parents are a great source of advice for newcomers! There are lots of us happy to answer questions or share experiences. Usually if one person on the group’s too busy, another will answer. Or you might get several people chipping in from different angles.

(This website is not meant as that kind of resource – it’s more of a jumping-off point to other resources.)

If you specially want to talk on the phone, an alternative is to ring the Education Otherwise helpline. They’re a UK charity centring on non-school education.

Email here still works, though may not be answered quickly. “info at non-school-nottingham dot org dot uk”. Priority will be given to answering new home edders and those considering it. But if that’s you, please do try to get onto an email group or Facebook group which suits you, because that’s a lot more people to potentially give you answers 🙂