How to send details of an event or group

Running an event for non-school families, or a meetup, in the Nottingham area? Want to reach out to people who aren’t on the same email lists & Facebook groups as you, or maybe not on Facebook at all?

If you’d like a listing on this site, the best way to send new information is via the SurveyMonkey form. That form is customised specially for this purpose, and asks about things that people often find helpful when coming to a new group. If you include those now, it can save having several different people asking you the same follow-up questions later.

If you’re simply offering a general educational service and don’t have any particular links with the home ed scene, that may not necessarily fall under the remit of this site. There are loads of educational services, and this site’s focus is more about ensuring that new people can find their way to the local non-school community. Most of the paid events listed here are either run by a home ed parent, or popular with local non-schoolers already, or set up in conjunction with a home ed parent who’s reached out to the providers. But if your event is none of those, you’re welcome to send the info if you like anyway. If it has some other link with home-ed-world – or if it’s just especially wonderful or especially useful! – we may still choose to post it.

Alternatively, tweet to us at @NonSchoolNottm and explain what you’re offering. Then it’s easy for us simply to retweet.

Got an update for a listing here?

Know that a group has folded?

Got a suggestion about the site?

For a simple update that isn’t an event to be listed, or for a suggestion to improve the site, it’s OK to use the email address “info at non-school-nottingham dot org dot uk”.

Need advice?

If you’re thinking about home ed as a possibility for your child, and you’d like to talk over your situation or ask a question, read the advice here, and then you probably want to get onto one of the local online groups. Veteran home ed parents are a great source of advice for newcomers! There are lots of us happy to answer questions or share experiences. Usually if one person on the group’s too busy, another will answer. Or you might get several people chipping in from different angles.

(This website is not meant as that kind of resource – it’s more of a jumping-off point to other resources.)

If you specially want to talk on the phone, an alternative is to ring the Education Otherwise helpline. They’re a UK charity centring on non-school education.

Running a group, event, outing, meetup, class? For non-schoolers in Notts? Pass it on :) Those words appear in blue on a background photo of green grass.