Home ed drop-in
Monday 27 April 2015

What's on when?

Approximate timings for talks and activities
(Last rearranged 24 April, and may still be changed again, even on the day if necessary.)
Item Approx
1pm Doors officially open (we'll be setting up from about 12, and the library is open all morning, so in reality it's fine to arrive earlier.)
Stalls from various home ed activities and other organisations will be open till 4pm for browsing and chats. See below for a list of stalls & reps we're expecting.
3 hours altogether
1.05 Welcome: intro & overview of what's happening. 5 mins
1.10 Dance: performance from home ed Arts Award dance group. 10 mins
1.15 short break, rearrange room 5 mins
1.20 Film made by the home ed young people's film group, along with an introduction about what it was like to make it. 10 mins
1.30 Short talk, SEN: Home ed and Special Educational Needs, Fiona Nicholson. 10 mins
1.40 Short talk, flexi-schooling: from Fiona Nicholson. 10 mins
1.50 Short talk, GCSE courses: Brendan & Jo from Central College explain the GCSE courses now available in Nottingham for home ed teens age 14 to 16. 10 mins
2pm Young People's Panel: home ed young people give their views on the "frequently asked questions" about their lives. 20 mins
2.20 short break, rearrange room 5 mins
2.25 Aikido demonstration, by some of the home ed class and the leaders of the Shudokan Black Belt Academy. Includes an anti-bullying strategy, the importance of keeping a positive attitude, and an "audience participation" opportunity to experience how the mind and body influence each other. 15 mins
2.40 short break, rearrange room 5 mins
2.45 Parents' Panel: home ed parents give their varied answers to questions asked by the audience. We will collect questions in writing beforehand and perhaps take a few "from the floor" as well. 20 mins
3.05 Just a Minute: hosted by the young people of the Home Ed Debating Society (HEDS). 20 mins
3.25 Repeat of short talk on GCSE courses, Brendan & Jo. 10 mins
3.35 Repeat of short talks on SEN & flexi-schooling, Fiona. 10 mins, or more if time
3.55 Close & thanks. 2 mins
4pm End of schedule. Stalls beginning to pack down. Chatting may continue.
5pm End of room bookings.
7pm Library closes.

Groups and activities we expect to have stalls or representatives from!